Are traditions worth preserving essay

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7 Reasons Why Traditions Are So Important

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has evolved into a diverse society. Are traditions worth preserving? Essay by Destinyalready, High School, 12th grade, March download example, due to Jamaica's colonial history; there are some traditions that are not worth preserving at all.

Today's Society

In Jamaica and other countries, parents are expected to beat their children as a way of 'punishing them'. They may do this with /5(7). Nov 19,  · As a result, traditions of food preparation worths are worth preserving.

Inconclusion In conclusion, traditional foods and the tradition of food preparation willalways will always remain retain their value even when there is a considerable growth of in convenience foods. Traditions Are Worth Preserving. By Thames, Lamar. Read preview. Article excerpt.

'Not all traditions are worth preserving': ousted Swedish Academy head Sara Danius

Byline: Lamar Thames, County Line editor. Another one almost bit the dust. For a while last week, it looked like the American Pie Fourth of July party was going to join the First Coast Ham Jam as events that formerly took place in Clay County.

Young Turks, he asserts, have a waning interest in these practices and therefore tourism is all that sustains them. In his view, this “inauthentic” preservation of culture and these “inauthentic” cultural experiences are better than none at all.

Are traditions worth preserving essay
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