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Peer Review Questions for Research Proposal For our peer review workshop of the research proposals, please use this set of questions to respond to your classmate's Research Proposal.


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Planning and Guiding In-Class Peer Review. (Peer Review Worksheet for Thesis-Driven Essay) When necessary, follow-up with questions that help the students phrase their comments in more specific and constructive ways. For example, if a student comments, “I like the first paragraph,” you might ask, “can you tell the writer what you.

review of the iRISK model and the associated library of commodity/hazard combinations. Included in the peer review was a report that describes the rationale for developing iRISK, the.

This essay should use quotes from the source readings in a significant, meaningful way, and incorporate those quotes smoothly. Comment on the paper’s use of material from the readings.

Is the use adequate? Is there ever a time you, as the reader becomes confused or is asking questions of the writer’s thinking? Please note those areas carefully for the writer.

Peer Review

5. Is there evidence, support, or examples offered that correctly establishes the c/e relationship? List them briefly. Cause/Effect Peer Review. Peer review Jeremy's paper is about college athletes, and how they should not be paid. His thesis is "The National Collegiate Athletic Association should not give in to growing pressure because college athletes should not be paid".

Essay peer review questions
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