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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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The Hunger Games Review

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The New York Times bestselling The Hunger Games, with an all-new cover from the major motion picture! The astonishing bestseller is now a fantastic movie.

Directed by Francis Lawrence. With Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol after their victory in the 74th Hunger Games sparks a rebellion in the Districts of Panem.

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Mar 20,  · “The Hunger Games” is an effective entertainment, and Jennifer Lawrence is strong and convincing in the central role. But the film leapfrogs obvious questions in its path, and avoids the opportunities sci-fi provides for social criticism; compare its world with the dystopias in “ Gattaca ” or “ The Truman Show.”3/5.


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The Hunger Games is a book by the American author Suzanne Collins. It was published in and has sold millions of copies.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

It is the first book for young readers to sell a million electronic books and you can buy it in 26 different languages. Synopsis Every year in the ruins of what was once North America, the Capitol of the nation of Panem forces each of its twelve districts to send a teenage boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games.

A twisted punishment for a past uprising and an ongoing government intimidation tactic, the.

Movie review for the hunger games
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