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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Kenya’s 2017 elections

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I'm Barack Obama's cousin says Raila Odinga

The post-election violence which claimed over lives and the displacement of more thanpeople demonstrated the depth of the culture of negative ethnicity. Wabukala has been two times Chairman of the National Council of Churches of Kenya and was actively involved in post-election violence reconciliation process in Kenya.

Wabukala has been an instrumental member of a peace planning commission with the Kenyan government to find a solution to the politically-instigated violence in that country.

University of Delaware (UD) | "Electing Violence: Explaining Post-Election Violence in Africa" Krisjon Olson ( Peace Scholar) University of California, Berkeley | "Youth without Sanctuary: The New Ethics of Humanitarianism in Post-War Guatemala.".

May 09,  · The number of college students involving in the presidential elections begun to rise by the year This might have been attributed by two factors, the emergence of social networks in the year and the post election violence that affected their friends and families.

The two coalitions are a consequence of the ICC drive to prosecute “those bearing greatest responsibility” for the /08 post-election violence that claimed 1, people’s lives (CIPIEV, October 15th, ), an event that pushed Kenya to the precipice of civil conflict.

Oct 30,  · Kenya lies along the equator in East-Africa and borders two war-torn states, Somalia and Uganda. According to the United Nations, Kenya is a low income, food-deficient country where fifty-two percent of people live below the poverty line, 40 percent are.

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